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Fuente di informacion tocante pandemia pasado na Aruba/Resources on Past Pandemics in Aruba

Arminda Franken-Ruiz[1] Translated to Papiamento by Julie Thodé (Fundacion 1403) Published in Papiamento & English (below the Papiamento) E museonan y otro institucion patrimonial den e parti Caribeño di Reino Hulandes ta contene informacion balioso tocante e pandemianan di pasado den e region. E Departamento Arubiana-Caribiana di Biblioteca Nacional di Aruba ta contene e cantidadContinue reading “Fuente di informacion tocante pandemia pasado na Aruba/Resources on Past Pandemics in Aruba”

Drum Therapy in Prisons

Nikki Campbell A key and often unspoken consequence of epidemics and pandemics is decreased mental health. Nikki Campbell explores the negative impact of a pandemic in a prison and the therapeutic intervention of drumming for those incarcerated. While not specific to cultures of incarceration in the Caribbean, the presentation below opens up the conversation onContinue reading “Drum Therapy in Prisons”

HIV Awareness & the Media in Barbados

Sylvan Spooner Throughout the 1980s, the Barbadian media (newspapers, music and theatre arts) perpetuated the stigmatization of persons with HIV/AIDS by cloaking the disease with a thick and convenient veil of “deviant” sexual practices. The public health campaign on HIV/AIDS highlighted the macabre. Billboards depicting diseased bodies, skeletal figures, and other ‘decadent’ behaviors featured prominentlyContinue reading “HIV Awareness & the Media in Barbados”

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